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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Art of Appropriation and Richard Atila Lukacs

I am sitting here still laughing at this one. It just cracks me up royally. I have been harping on the technique of "appropriation" in art over several past posts. Heaven knows how, but I stumbled upon a skinhead blog site with a long list of paintings by the Canadian artist Richard Atila Lukacs this afternoon. I am not a great skinhead fan but I am familiar with the works of Lukacs from my many hours perusing volumes in the Art & Architecture Library. I had never seen these three paintings posted below. They are perfect examples of the fine art of "appropriation" though. Lukacs is best known for painting masculine figures, such as skinheads and military cadets. His homo-erotic sexuality has shocked conservative gallery patrons at times and he is considered an outsider at other times. His paintings frequently reference the historical compositions and themes of David and Caravaggio as well as the compositional devices of miniature painters and illustrators of India and the Middle East. Way to go Mr. Lukacs. Way to use the old noodle. I am sure all of you know the original paintings but have you ever seen Lukacs reinterpretations of them? That last painting of the three nudes on the beach just cracks me up every time I look at it. I love artistic genius and especially naughty genius with its tongue stuck firmly in cheek.

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