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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Erich Kips (Berlin 1869 - 1945 Helgoland) Female Nude Study

Despite the fact that Erich Kip's work is well known on Auction sites, biographic information on the web is somewhat scarce regarding his training. He is apparently well travelled considering the subject matter of his various paintings. The only blip I could find is a short listing which describes him as a "ceramist, painter, illustrator, and decorative artist." I will have to keep digging. This nude study of a standing female nude is probably the finest oil painting sketch I have in my collection. You can tell from the drawing and the application of paint that Kips was well trained and knew exactly what he was doing. If you examine the surface of the painting closely you can see the fine brush applications of the sable brush the artist used. Truly a beautiful work of art.

Caption: Standing Female Nude
Artist: Erich Kips (1869-1945)
Medium: Oils on prepared artist board
Dated: undated. Artist's estate stamp appears in the lower right (1890-1910)
Here are a few additional academic nude studies by Erich Kips. The little study of the female child directly below is one of the very few such studies I have seen. It was posted the same time I bought the above female nude but unfortunately I was unable to add it to my collection. It was later resold at auction in Germany and into a private collection I assume.

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