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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paul Schad-Rossa (1862 - 1916) Nude Ephebe

Paul Schad-Rossa (1862 - 1916) began his studies in art as a sculptor at the Nurnberg Art School. Around 1880 he switched from sculpture to painting and transferred to the Munich Art Academy where he studied under Ludwig von Loffz and, from 1883, under Franz von Defregger. During this period in his career he also worked on commission copying Old Masters for an elite clientele. One of his commissions was from the King of Romania. In 1888 he left the Munich Art Academy to devote himself to painting outdoors. For the rest of his life, landscapes with a plein-air tendency remained his favorite genre. He found most of his inspirational motifs at Wannsee in Berlin. At the great Berlin Art Show of 1914, he was given a gallery of his own where he was able to hang twenty-three of his best paintings.

Caption: Nude Ephebe
Artist: Paul Schad-Rossa (1862 - 1916)
Medium: Charcoal on Paper
Dated: Undated, circa 1900 - 1910

Here are a few additional works by this German Expressionist artist:

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