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Monday, February 7, 2011

Giovanni Lorenzo Guidotti - Late 18th Century Copper Engraving - Two Male Nudes

I motored down to the post office this morning and picked up the Giovanni Lorenzo Guidotti copper print (mid to late 18th century). I was really surprised at the fine condition of the impression and the paper. Of course the paper had been part of a book for over two centuries and was not exposed to much handling or abuse so it should be in excellent condition. I scanned the central part of the image (directly below). It is a large plate and would not completely fit in the scanner bed. You can see the sewing holes on the left margin where it had been sewn into the volume as a book plate. A very nice find for a very reasonable low price.

Caption: Book Plate, Two Male Nudes in Classic Pose
Artist: Engraver, Giovanni Lorenzo Guidotti, Mid to late 18th Century
Medium: Copper Engraving on laid paper
Dated: 1758-1776

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