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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Current European Auction Finds: April 2011

Here are the remainder of the artworks currently listed in German Auction Houses. I am cross-eyed from stitching these things back together so I will come back later and make the appropriate attributions regarding the artists. Enjoy:
Wilhelm Bormann (1855-1938) Nackter Knabe

(?) Female Nude

Ferdinand Wagner (1819-1881) Standing Female Nude

(?) The Kiss

Istvan Szonyi (1894-1960) Two Female Nudes, 1919

Walter Sebastian Resch (1889-1962) Weiblicher Akt auf Ziegenbock

Robert Philippi (1877-1959) Der Heilige Sebastian

Peter Breuer (1856-1930) Venus and Amor

Paul Oestreicher (1874-1936) Nude Boy

Max Pietschmann (1865-1952) Badende Jungen am Bach

Mark Weinberger Vedres (1870-1961) Flotespielender Jungling um 1910

Ludovico Carracci (1554-1619) Liegender Christus

Alfred Leithauser (1898-1979) Girl in Bath Tub

Chr Hensen (?) Jungling mit Wanderstab

Josephine Stott-Scheidegg (?) Venus and Amor (?)

Johannes Gotz (1865-1934) Nude Youth with Falcon

Hugo Boettinger (1880-1934) Female Nude

Gustav Wust (1873-1939) (?)

Unknown German Painter (early 20th Cent.) Cupid with Bow

Fritz Erler (1868-1940) Die Jagdgottin Diana

Daniel Friedemann Fuchs (?) Uommo Atlantico

Unknown Artist, Bronze, Marathon Runner, 1933

Arthur Kampf (1864-1950) Semi-Nude Female

Alexander Frenz (1861-1941) Geburt der Venus

Adolf Hengeler (1863-1927) Wassermann mit zwei Madchenakten am Strand

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