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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tito Agujari (1834-1908) Roman Figural Scene - circa 1880

As I started my usual Saturday morning site browse, I found this 19th century preparatory study in watercolor and what really caught my eye was the large amount of action going on within the confines of that mat. Technically not an Academic nude but what it does illustrate in my mind is what an artist does with all of that classical 19th century Academy training he or she received. I am not sure what this scene represents but for me it is exciting and all that action immediately caught my eye. The interplay of human forms, some standing, some sitting, leaning, arms out, along with the application of color to the underdrawing, all adds to the excitement.

Tito Agujari (1834-1908) was an Italian painter and popular drawing instructor in Trieste, where he taught for thirty years. Agujari painted in the academic style, specializing in landscapes, portraits, religious and historical themes, as well as some remarkable watercolors. He was connected to Baron Pasquale Revoltella in Trieste. Enjoy.

Caption: Roman Scene

Artist: Tito Agujari (1834-1908)

Material: Pencil and watercolor on Paper

Dated: circa 1880

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