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Friday, October 28, 2011

Auction Archive Finds - Winter 2011

Max Koch (1859-1930) Bathers

Here are the last postings of Auction House archives and a few current listings. There is one contemporary work, Nancy Grossman's "Figure with Folded Arms" that really got my attention in her use of materials and color in that work. Hans von Bartels' (1856-1913) "Farm Boy working in the Field" really hit me with his use of texture, motion, and color. Enjoy.


Richard Flockenhaus - Nude Young Girl

Unsigned - Standing Male Nude Holding an Orb

Max Thedy - (1858-1924) Male Nude

Max Thedy - (1858-1924) Sitting Female Nude

Ernst Wohlk - Female Nude

William Etty (1787-1849) Study for David

William Etty (1787-1849) Full Length Study for David

William Etty (1787-1849) A Nymph

Wilhelm von Kaulbach - St. Lawrence on the Grill - 1887

Wilhelm Trubner (1851-1917) untitled

Wilhelm Kumm (1861-?) Gaius Macius Scaevola

Walter Miehe (1883-1972) Bathing

Venitian School - Bacchanal - um 1700

Franz Stuck (1863-1928) Luzifer

Ernst-Oscar Simonsen-Castelli (?) untitled

Max Seliger (1865-1920) Nackter Mann im Wald - 1897

Erich Schmidt-Kest - Abschiedsszene

Alfred Schmedingen - Male Nude

Robert Edouard Henze (1827-1906) Scherzo - 1900


Nancy Grossmann (1940- ) Figure Standing with Folded Arms (1972)

Monogrammist "SH" - Two Studies of Bathers on a Beach

Albert Maennchen - Standing Female Nude

Luigi Bechi (1830-1919) Children Eating Bread and Apples

Ker Xavier Roussel (1867-1944) Idyll

Jacob de Backer - Attrib. - Paradieslandschaft

Italian, mid 19th Century - Boy Playing a Flute - Carved Wood

Henry Campotost (1833-1910) The Apotheosis of Queen Victoria

Hans von bartels (1856-1913) Farm Boy Working in the Field

Giuseppe Giardiello (1877-1920) Fisher Boy

Gerard Seghers (1591-1651) (Workshop) Resurrection

Gerard Seghers (1591-1651) Christ at the Column

17th Century Flemish School - Bacchus und Ariade

Carl Fenn - Mother and Child

Eugene Deully (1860-1933) Eve - 1887

English School - Syrens

David Scott (1806-1849) The Patriarch

Carl Gotthelf Kuchler (1807-1843) Hylas Surrounded by Three Naliads - 1836

Barockgemalde - Johannesknabe mit dem Lamm - Unsigned 17-18th Cent.

Art Deco - Aktmaler um 1920

Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1889) St. Sebastian

Alexander Rothaug (1870-1946) At The Pond

19th Century Italian School - Angel with Torch and Flowers

17th Century Italian School - Venus and Cupid

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