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Monday, January 9, 2012

Early 19th Century Crayon Manner Academic Nude Prints (Engravings?)


Last night I bought two nice early 19th century Academic prints (above) on eBay France. The seller had them listed as "engravings" but I suspect they are more probably crayon manner etchings. I guess once I have them in my hands I can make a more positive distinction. These prints were probably used in some academic setting as copy sources for aspiring 19th century art students. I chose what I thought were the two prints in the best physical condition and concentrated my biding on those. Print restoration is not an inexpensive proposition, so I tried to decide on those prints that did not have missing paper, huge water stains, and hard creases across the paper. The foxing and mild water staining can be repaired fairly easily by bleaching but once you get into repairing more destructive type damage, such as missing paper, it gets progressively more expensive.


Here is the remainder of the seller's offerings:


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