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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alexis (Alix) Marquet (1875-1939) - Bronze - Nude Girl with A Rose

The small (just under twelve inches) Alix Marquet (1875-1939) female nude bronze arrived from Germany on Saturday. The first thing I noticed when I picked her up was that she was one solid and somewhat top heavy bronze. She has some condition problems, which I hope can be corrected. Her patina is mostly intact with some minor scrapes and wear spots but it is a lovely dark chocolate brown. I believe the damage to her legs is a result of being somewhat top heavy and may have resulted from someone dropping her. Oh well, she had an acceptable low price for the quality of the casting and after I get the other bronze back from Masterworks Studios I will send her off and let John Ward work his magic on her. She is rare and unique when it comes to nudes. You just do not find pre-adolescent female nudes that often. Alix Marquet has sculptures in some major museums around the world so I am happy to have her in my collection.

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