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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

August Kugler (Active 1890-1910): Nude Ephebe

A seller on eBay Austria recently offered two academic nudes by Austrian artist August Kugler (Active 1890-1910). I managed to buy the drawing of the nude ephebe (directly below). It was a real toss up as to which drawing to put my financial weight behind. I chose the ephebe, realizing that the market would eventually return my investment in that drawing. Unfortunately, I could not afford both drawings, suspecting there was a lurker out there with slightly deeper pockets than mine. I was correct in my assessment. His low bid took the other drawing and my much higher bid took the drawing below. I was not able to find much biographic information on the artist other than the fact he was active during the late 19th and very early 20th centuries. I did find two paintings of his mature works which have sold at auction that I have also listed below.

Here (below General Custer's photograph) is the second auction offering from the seller on eBay Austria.(Now tell me this model doesn't look like a very naked General George Armstrong Custer ..... folklore says we all have a double out there somewhere.....) :

General George Armstrong Custer (1863)    (Library of Congress)

I found two examples of his mature works on the web:

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