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Monday, December 17, 2012

Julius Obst (1878-1939): Nude Male Youth Playing The Flute - Bronze

I keep running across these beautifully lyrical works in the auction house archives. This time it is a bronze study of a nude male youth playing the flute by the German artist Julius Obst (1878-1939).  It seems the artist has perfectly captured that time between boyhood and manhood, before the passage of time changes his body forever, with that carefree stance, the youthful musculature, the idea of youthful days spent just doing nothing but standing around playing the flute (stupid video games these days).  I hate it when I find a work like this and then dig and dig and dig and come up empty handed on biographical information on the artist. It seems, based upon the other works I found, that Obst latched onto a motif he liked (flute playing) and let his creative genius fly with it. I have included several examples of his other works below.

Julies Obst (1878 - 1939): Nude Male Youth Playing the Flute - 1908

Here are a few examples of his other works:

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