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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Vincenzo Alfano (1854-1918) Bathing Boy (Bronze Nude) 1906


Here is another example of "what goes around comes around." Back in 2010 I presented a small bronze of a nude bathing youth about to place his toe in the water which I had added to my collection. The figure was a Roman Bronze Works bronze from 1906 and it was meant to be a maquette of a much larger sculpture which in turn was to act as a fountain figure. I have often wondered what the scaled up figure might look like. Well, I was cruising my favorite auction houses last week and low and behold there before my eyes was the scaled up bronze fountain figure I had often puzzled over. It was nice to see what the scaled up version of this bronze looked like.

Here is the maquette by Vincenzo Alfano (1854-1918) from the Roman Bronze Works circa 1906:


Caption: Bathing Boy (Bronze study for a Fountain Piece)

Artist: Vincenzo Alfano (1854-1918)

Medium: Bronze

Dated: 1906 


And here is the scaled up full sized version of the same bronze which was part of a fountain setting at one time:



Caption: Bathing Boy (Fountain Piece)

Artist: Vincenzo Alfano (1854-1918)

Medium: Bronze

Dated: 1906 


And the original inspiration for the Alfano work?

Statue of a Young Boy
1st century A.D.
Marble; 58 × 24.5 × 18.9 cm (22 7/8 × 9 5/8 × 7 1/2 in.)

The Art Institute of Chicago, Katherine K. Adler Memorial Fund


And here are a few additional examples of his works:

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