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Friday, May 21, 2021

Workshop of Saint-Blancat (Toulouse, France) (1872-1952) Charcoal Drawing: Le Christ Mort , Circa late 19th Century


When you walk around the Hallowed Halls of eBay sites in Europe you never know what you will find coming out of someone's attic or a local flea market. This nice drawing from the late 19th Century comes into my collection from Toulouse, France and out of the Saint Blancat Studio which was active from 1872 to 1952 and apparently specialized in religious stained glass works. I managed to find a French description of the workshop and here is a translation of the information:  

" The Saint-Blancat workshop in Toulouse, operating from 1876 to 1952, was a master glass workshop that brought together the productions of Jean-Marie Honor√© Saint-Blancat and Louis Saint-Blancat. From the 1930s, there were also works by Henri Moulenc. The Saint-Blancat workshop was founded by Louis Saint-Blancat in 1880. It was run by its founder for 50 years. It was taken up in 1933 as Daint-Blancat-Moulenc, and then, on the eve of the Second World War,it became the Saint-Blancat-Delombre workshop. The workshop stopped production around 1952."

Other than a signature "Saint Blancat" in the lower left hand corner, there seems to be no definitive artist attribution, although attribution seems to point to Louis Saint-Blancat (1842-1930) who was active in Toulouse during the late 19th early 20th centuries. Historical records describe him as a glass artist - glass painter. Another example of a well executed figure study from a 19th century trained artist. I'll have it cleaned up and a new matt cut which does not cut the left foot and back of the head off. Enjoy!


Title: Le Christ Mort (The Dead Christ)
Artist: Signed "Saint Blancat"
Attribution:  Saint Blancat Atelier, Toulouse, France, in the Manner of Louis Saint-Blancat (1842-1930)
Material: Charcoal Drawing on Paper
Size:  57.5 by 29 cm

Here are a few examples of the Studio's stained glass works:


Here are a few examples of paintings by Louis Saint-Blancat (1843-1930) from listed auction records:


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