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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

19th Century French School - Male Nude - Oils On Canvas - Example of "General to Specific"

This beautiful male nude study appeared on eBay France this morning. The second I saw it I had the impression of two very distinct things: (1) it was a timed pose and (2) it illustrated the teaching method of "general to specific". The "timed" assumption comes from the fact that is not completed although the parts that are finished are specific. The artist obviously had a good command of his drawing skills and very nice command of color within that application. The "general to specific" part comes from a comparison of the top half of the painting with the bottom half of the painting. That generalized pencil drawing at the bottom has morphed into the beautiful brush work and color application on the upper half of the body. A fine example of what your painting instructor tried to pound into you in painting class: think "general to specific."

Caption: Standing Male Nude
Artist: Unknown, 19th Century French School
Medium: Oils on Prepared Canvas
Dated: Undated, circa late 19th Century

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