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Monday, December 13, 2010

Alfred Hofmann (1879-1958) Sitting Female Nude (Terra cotta) 1923

I just managed to take at auction this beautiful terra cotta female nude sculpture on eBay Austria. I was very excited about adding it to my collection since I have so few examples of good female nudes in the collection. It appears to be in excellent condition and will make a great addition to the collection. Years ago I ran across this sculpture in an Antiques shop in Amsterdam but passed it up because it was too bulky to carry back on the plane. I always kept it in the back of my mind and swore if I ever ran across another example I would buy it.
Alfred Hofmann (1879-1958) was a well know Austrian sculptor who did a lot of medals and numismatic designs.

Caption: Sitting Female Nude
Artist: Alfred Hofmann (1879-1958)
Medium: Terra cotta sculpture
Dated: Signed and dated 1923

Here is an example of Hofmann's works:

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