The Passion of Collecting Academic Nudes

Join me as we explore my collection of Academic Nudes from the 18th, 19th, and Early 20th Centuries and serendipitous finds in the Museum, Art Auction, and Gallery world......examples from the Golden Age of the European Academie

Friday, February 25, 2011

Academic Nudes: Female Nudes - Works on Canvas - Works on Paper

I have spent the last few days organizing files for posting. These are beautiful examples of some of the many nudes I culled out over time from various sources on the web. Some of them I do not have attribution for but where I do know the identity of the artist I will post the name below the image. Enjoy.

Alfred Schdmt (1867-1956) Standing Female Nude in landscape

Richard Mahn - 1866 - Badefreude an Felskuste

Richard Geiger (1870-1905) Female Nude

Paul Emile Chabas (1862-1947) Studies - Female Nudes

Mary Cassett (1844-1926)

Maria Szantho (1898-1984) Nude with Putti

Lovis Corinth (1858-1925) Female Nude

Louis Auguste Mathieu Legrand (1863-1951) Eve

Judgement of Paris..

Jean-Bernard Eschermann - 1898 - Female Nude

J.L. Lugardon - Study for Salome

Francois Albert Queluee (1884-1967) Reclining Female Nude

C. Dorn ...Sleeping Beauty

Amandus Faure - (1874-1931) Nude in Artist's Workshop

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