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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bronzes Currently Listed on European eBay Sites

European eBay sites have a few interesting bronze sculptures for sale this week. I found two interesting works: one, The Rock Mover (first listing below), by Ferdinand Lugerth (Austrian) (1885-1915) and, two, a copy of Max Kruse's Marathon Runner. I have a copy of The Marathon Runner in my collection that is complete, as opposed to the eBay listing which is missing the small branch being held in the runner's right hand. I photographed my example and posted those photographs at the end of this post.

Ferdinand Lugerth (1885-1915) was an Austrian sculptor known for his gilt bronzes, metal and Ivory sculptures, and his primary pieces that specialized in portraits, nudes, and animals. I have also listed just a few of his other beautiful works.

Max Kruse (1854-1942) was a German sculptor, designer, painter, and draftsman. He studied at the Polytechnikum , Stuttgart from 1874, and then at the Academie in Berlin, first under Fritz Schaper and then under Albert Wolff. In 1874 he again returned to study with Schaper and produced his most famous work, Marathon Messenger Bringing News of Victory which he exhibited in 1881. He was winner of the Prix de Rome.

Ferdinand Lugerth (1885-1915) The Rock Mover

Here are additional examples of Ferdinand Lugerth's sculptures:


Here are several photographs that I took of my copy of the Nenikihkamen bronze that is listed above. As you can see if you look at the small branch the runner is holding in my copy, that symbol of victory is missing from the eBay listing. It has obviously been broken off and in my opinion devalues the piece. Another example of how you should look carefully and be familiar with every aspect of the object of art you are spending your hard earned money on. The eBay listing is for a ridiculous Euro 800.00, even with the missing part. Yeah, right. That will happen. My suggestion, keep looking and one will pop up for far less and in much better condition. Caveat emptor... let the buyer beware!

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