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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Howard Everett Smith (1885-1970): Academic Nudes

Over the years of collecting, browsing Internet auction sites, and perusing the Fine Arts Library, I have managed to collect a vast number of examples of academic nudes and what I thought I would do between photographing my own collection is browse through this mass of files and pick out some very fine examples of academic nudes for your enjoyment.

Howard Everett Smith (1885-1970) was an American painter and print maker, illustrator, and portrait painter. He studied at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts under the famous Edmund Tarbell and later under Howard Pyle at the New York Art Students League. He later taught at the Rhode Island School of Design for a while. These two academic nudes were from his days at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts:

Here are just a few examples of Smith's other works:

Out of the Corral

The Plowman

The Cello Recital

Horses, Carmel Valley, Ca.

Horses under trees, Carmel Valley

Council House of the Iroquois

Breaking Waves ...

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