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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anton Endsdorfer (1880-1960): Cupid - Nude Boy Holding a Bow

Yesterday I was putting a large book on 19th Century bronzes on the bookshelf and almost knocked this little bronze off the shelf. I had completely forgotton he was around. He has a little damage to his bow but otherwise he has a beautiful patina. I have tried to find biographical information on the artist, Austrian artist Anton Endsdorfer (Endstorfer), without much success. There are examples of his other works and I have listed them below.

Caption: Cupid (Nude Boy Holding a Bow)

Artist: Anton Endsdorfer (Endstorfer) (1880-1960)

Material: Cast Bronze

Dated: Undated (1920-1930)


Here are a few examples of his other bronze works:


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