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Friday, April 13, 2012

Additional Auction Finds April 2012

I have culled out more auction lots for you from European auction sources.
The European auction scene is running at full steam this Spring and prices are still strong. Enjoy.

Carl Theodor von Piloty (1826-1886) Standing Nude Boy

Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen (1886-1930) Kneeling Nude Boy

Unknown German Artist .... Nude Child ... circa 1900

Academic Nude Female... Unknown Artist .... circa 1900

Alexander Frenz (1861-1941) Portrait of a Young Girl

Alexis Mossa (1844-1926) The Martyrdom of St. Etienne

Italian school... attrib Camillo Procaccini (1561-1629) The Baptism of Christ

Bonaventura Genelli (1798-1868) Prometheus vom adler

Charles Alphonse Achille Gumery (1827-1871) Faun Holding A Baby Goat

Christoph Fuchs (1749-1814) Hercules u. Deianira

Italian School of Andrea Sirani (18th Century)

Unknown (?) ... Faun Pouring Wine

Unknown Artist - Late 19th Century - Nude Female With Raised Arm

Franz Becker-Tempelburg - circa 1876 - Kinder unter bluhendem Kirschbaum

Vincenzo Gemito (1852-1929) L'Acquiolo

Georg Wolf (1882-1962) Nude Boy

19th Century Academic Nude

Hans Latt (1859-1930) Junge mit Ziegenbock

Jean Antonin Carles (1851-1919) Stehender Bacchus mit Panther

Unknown Artists . mid-19th Century... Adacemic Nudes (Above)

Louis Georges Brillouin (1817-1893)

Josef Louka (1879-1967)

Paul Decker (1685-1742)

Pietro De Petri .. Crucifixion of Peter

Copy of Annibale de Lotto's ... Nude Boy With Crab

Willy Spatz (1861-1831) Tanz Zweier Blumenbekranzter Satyrkinder

Monogrammed.... Adam & Eve

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