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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Karl Sterrer (1885-1972): Abschied (Farewell) - Lithograph circa 1920

I was browsing the print section of eBay Austria this morning and I discovered this beautiful color lithograph (look closely, it is in color) by the Austrian painter-engraver Karl Sterrer (1885-1972) titled "Abschied" (Farewell), circa 1920. I think as a kid my first "artistic love" was the print. Occasionally I will run across a print that really gets my attention and this one did the trick for me this morning. Karl Sterrer studied at the Art Academy of Vienna under August Delug at the turn of the century. He was very adept at landscapes and portraits in the graphic media. Sterrer took the Prix de Rome in 1908 and was in on the beginnings of German Expressionism. When someone points out that an artist took the prestigious Prix de Rome, then be impressed my friends. You could not be an artistic slouch and take that prize. In 1921 he accepted the post of Professor of Fine Arts at the Art Academy of Vienna. Enjoy. 

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