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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cornelia Paczka-Wagner (1864-1930): Female Nudes - circa 1897

I was browsing the print section of eBay Austria this morning and I ran across two beautiful Algraphs by the German painter and graphic artist Cornelia Paczka-Wagner (1864-1930). Apparently she specialized in the female nude and her etchings and lithographs are characterized by contrasting naturalistic symbols focusing on the human form. Algraphy was an early photographic technique similar to zincography using paper impregnated with aluminium salts.

 Paczka-Wagner, Cornelia. - Armor und Psyche. - Studie zu einer jungen Psyche (1897)

CORNELIA PACZKA-WAGNER - Weiblicher Akt - Algrafie um 1900

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