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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Strobl Zsigmond Kisfalvdi (1884-1975): Portrait of a Young Girl - Marble Sculpture

I was browsing last years Hungarian auctions and I ran across this beautifully executed marble portrait of a young girl by Hungarian artist Strobl Zsigmond Kisfalvdi (1884-1975). The artist has captured the delicate features of the model with exceptional skill. Unfortunately, I could find very little biographic information on the artist. I have some more Hungarian works for you and will post them later. Most of the works I have to scan through are post 1940 works and are modernist in execution. Just an observation, but it is strange that few pre-1900 Hungarian academic nudes have come to my attention during the course of my postings and most of the auction houses seem to concentrate on Old Master works and modernist post 1940 works. The nudes that I do find are, in my opinion, not worth the effort to post.


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