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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jean De Roncourt - Monumental Bronze - Art Deco Male Nude circa 1930

Addendum and Update: This evening (Nov. 30, 2010) I was rapidly cruising through past auctions of a Hungarian Auction site and low and behold there before my tired eyes was a bronze of the same subject but in a sightly different pose. That goes to show you that even a blind pig can find an acorn on occasion. The creator of this beautiful bronze is none other than Jean De Roncourt, probably the most famous sculptor of the 1920's and 1930's in France. Unfortunately I was unable to find much biographical information on him but I will keep looking.
I am often surprised when I run across a gem in a most unexpected place. There is a large "Antiques Mall" about twenty minutes of country roads from me. I go there occasionally just for something to do other than wondering around dazed, trying to figure out who I am. It's one of those places that is huge and sprawling, with hundreds of shopkeepers who consign their "goods" to the headmaster at the front desk for commission. I am sure you know the places, where it looks like someones garage has thrown up all over the place. Gaudy junk and treasures yet to be recognized. One Saturday I was wondering around the place and from a half mile away I spotted this beautiful bronze sitting on a table at one seller's stall, which was replete with what looked like some quality European antiques (certainly out of context in this place). The closer I got the more my blood stirred. From those noble aquiline classic good looks, superman musculature, to that onyx stand this bronze was sitting on, this thing just screamed "Art Deco." I made a bee line up to the front desk and asked for more information. The proprietor shrugged and then went into a long story about the man who deposited that stuff in that stall, took off for Greece, and was two months late with his rent. Well I plunked down a deposit and headed for the Credit Union to negotiate a short term loan. The next day I went back and brought this beauty back to his new home. I even found a sturdy oak library table for him to repose on a couple of stalls down. I had my first bronze in my collection.

I have searched all over this bronze for a signature or foundry mark with no success. The word "France" appears at the base of the rock on the reverse. There is a small brass dedication plaque attached to the base which dedicates the work to the recognition of "Prisonniers" and "Deportes" in French and refers to a Monsieur Lormeau (receipient of the work?). I did send photographs to an Antiques Dealer in Paris who told me that these bronzes were commissioned in the 1930's in remembrance of the lost of World War I. He noted he had not seen any as nice as this one however. I am very happy to have him in my collection.

Caption: Male Nude Bronze
Artist. Jean De Roncourt (France)
Medium: Cast Bronze (monumental)
Dated: circa 1925-1935

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