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Friday, October 29, 2010

Franz Iffland (1862-1935): Male Nude Bronze - "Perseus" - 1890

Addendum: (Dec. 2, 2010) I found a monumental version of this bronze on eBay Germany and identified the artist and the name of the bronze. I have made the necessary corrections in the description. Cheers.
I keep finding these little table top bronzes scattered around the house so I thought I might as well list them also. I have photographed them today and will list them since I have already listed the others. I have a monumental Male Nude Art Deco Bronze that I will also photograph and list tomorrow. It is large and weighs a ton. I guess it is the Romantic in me that continually draws me to these "Heroic" classical poses. This bronze came from an Antiques Shop in London and it is not marked so I do not have a clue who the artist is. There is a symbolic face embedded in the shield he is holding but I have no idea what it represents. I will have to do some research and try to figure it out. It almost looks like one of those drama masks used in theater. The figure itself is well sculpted and quite nice in its execution.

Caption: Male Nude - Perseus
Artist: Franz Iffland (1862-1935)
Medium: Cast Bronze
Dated: 1890

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