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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Robert Saake (1874-1959) Stehende Knabenakt (Standing Nude Boy) circa 1910

Robert Saake ...Standing Nude Boy (Stehende Knabenakt) 1910

Degas: Le Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans.. 1880

I found a beautiful high quality example of Robert Saake's Stehende Knabenakt bronze at an Art Gallery website in Germany and have made a serious inquiry regarding its purchase. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a great amount of information on the artist other than his name and dates of birth and death. Let's hope it is still for sale and affordable, a very nice example of an academic nude bronze. As I sit here and carefully look at the pose of that little male figure I am reminded of Degas' 1880 bronze...Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans (Little Fourteen year old Dancer)(above).
Addendum: The bad news from the Gallery just came in on the price...needless to say, I'm a close relative of that little ant in the song trying to move the big rubber tree plant...I've got high hopes, but in this case not quite enough cash to make it work. Oh well. Still a beautiful work of art.
I have submitted a proposition to the dealer in Germany about purchasing the bronze in multiple installments so I will have to keep my fingers crossed that he will sell it that way. Stay tuned
Yippee! The Dealer in Germany accepted my offer on this bronze and the game is on. It should be on its way after the first of January 2011 or possibly sooner when I make the last payment. This is such a beautiful work of art. I'll have to look around and see if I can find a sturdy stand to display him on when he gets here. The first installment has been sent and I am hoping for an early delivery.
Well the bronze has been paid for and should be on its way next week (Dec 7th, 2010). If and when it arrives I will photograph it and post additional photographs.
Update Dec. 14: Unbelievably the Antiques dealer in German has elected to hand deliver the bronze to me on Friday. He had planned a trip to warmer weather here in the states (good luck finding that even here in the chilly South, 19 degrees Fahrenheit on the back porch this morning and a week until the official start of winter. Strawberry growers around here are sweating frozen bullets) and would be within an hours drive of me and decided to just transport the bronze on the plane with him so as to avoid unnecessary damage. Now folks, that's what I call service.
Last update Dec. 17, 2010: I drove the hour up to meet the German Antiques dealer and brought the Saake bronze home. It is beautiful and heavy too. I think it is the finest bronze in my collection. The patina is undisturbed and really a nice brown. The family who brought it over on the plane were delightful and I directed them to better weather south of us. I hope they enjoy their time in the sun. I will get my camera and post some new pictures for you so go to the bottom of the page and return to the newer posts.

Caption: Stehende Knabenakt (Nude Boy Standing)
Artist: Robert Saake (1874-1959)
Medium: Cast Bronze
Dated: Circa 1910

Here are a few additional examples of Saake's works:

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