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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dollar in Free fall against the Euro....bye bye art bargains.

Addendum: Well, well, well.....the Euro is bouncing down like a rubber ball....hello to more drawings from Europe! At least for a while...
Man, the last few days have been heck-on-wheels for anyone looking for bargains from European auction sites. It seems like every day the dollar keeps taking a beating against the strengthening Euro. I keep checking the exchange rates with an eye to what I will have to pay for the latest bronze that I have on hold and every day brings nothing but bad news. That mean fact has put the breaks on most buying of art from my usual European sources. Thanks to the "let's blow it all on stupid projects and spread the wealth around nonsense" crowd in Congress and the White House we are now becoming an economic basket case on a scale never before seen in this country. I guess I will have to cool my jets for a while and see if there are any bargains left here in the states, although I will carefully watch the European sites just in case there is some possibility of grabbing a bargain. There is a mother load of drawings, paintings, prints, and bronzes out there on the European sites but alas the current trend in the exchange rate is not conducive to continued buying from here. Shame really. I still have more drawings in my collection to post before I run out of items but it looks like new stuff will be on a temporary hold. Let's hope sanity can be restored and a grip can be put of the fools responsible for this economic mess.

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