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Monday, November 22, 2010

Jacques-Alexandre Chantron (Nantes, 1842 – 1918) Female Nudes

This nice female nude study (obviously a working drawing considering the scaleup grid) is currently up for sale on eBay France. Jaques-Alexandre Chantron (1842-1918) was a student of Pirot, Bouguereau, and Robert Fleury in Paris during the latter part of the 19th century. He submitted works with a religious theme to the Paris Salon in 1877 and later won an honorable mention with his submission in 1893. The major theme of his works seemed to be the female nude, mostly concealed under mythological and religious pretext. Later on his nudes were done in the manner of his mentor, Bouguereau. His works are in the public collections of many museums throughout France.

Caption:Jeune modiste nue dressee sur la pointe des pied essaye un chapeau sur un mannequin Artist: Jaques-Alexandre Chantron (1842-1918)
Medium: working drawing, pencil on paper
Dated: undated, circa 1890-1900
Here are several examples of Chantron's figurative works:

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