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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ludwig von Hoffman (1861-1945) Badende Knaben - Bathing Boys - Pastels 1912

I was cruising around my usual European Auction House haunts today and came across this beautiful work by Ludwig von Hoffman (1861-1945). It is done in pastels and has a beautiful period frame. It dates from around 1912 and is of one of von Hoffman's favorite subjects, bathing nude youths. If you have an extra Euro 8,500.00 plus auction fees to toss around you might want to add it to your collection. My ship is overdue and hasn't come in yet so I will have to make do with a jpeg file. I have seen a lot of von Hoffman's works but I do not recall ever seeing this particular work before. The nice folks at Schmidt Kunstauktionen Dresden speak fluent English and would be more than happy to help you with your bid on this beautiful work of art and investment. The landscape composition and placement of the nude youths within that landscape is so beautiful. That flowing use of almost abstract shapes of light and dark colors adds to the overall movement of the composition. I love the circular concentric flow of the marks he makes on the entire composition. The hand of a great master.

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