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Saturday, January 22, 2011

James Camille Lignier (1858-1926) Le Christ en croix sur le Mont Golgotha - 1903

This nice work by the French painter James Camille Lignier (1858-1926)(please note that there are discrepancies in his date of birth and date of death. Some sources list his date of death as 1914) is presently listed on eBay France. It may not look like a traditional academic study, as in student works, but to my eye it is an academic study of the male figure. The religious theme seemed to have been an excuse to draw and paint the male nude, or semi-nude in this case, for public consumption without the stigma of being crass. The thing about it that drew my artistic eye is its painterly execution. Lignier was of Burgundian origin and his works clearly fall into the Symbolist Movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One of Lignier's paintings received an honorable mention at the Salon of 1883. I do think that this work is well within the academic tradition of the late 19th century. In this study the artist tries to represent the figure with an authenticity without idealization of his model. I have always been interested in these particular religious themes, i.e. The Deposition and Christ on the Cross, in regards to the late 19th century academic tradition and as studies of the male form. Lignier's oevure was exhibited in 1903-1904 at the famous Galerie Georges Petit in Paris.

Caption: Le Christ en croix sur le Mont Golgotha, Oevure exposee en 1903-1904 a la Galerie Georges Petie
Artist: James Camille Lignier (1858-1926)
Medium: Oils on Canvas
Dated: ca. 1903

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