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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alois Kasimir (1852-1930) Nude Ephebe with Flute (Junger Knabe mit Flote)


Well it's all over but the shouting. I managed to take a second 19th century drawing by Alois Kasimir (1852-1930) this afternoon (above and directly below), in this case a pencil/graphite drawing of a nude ephebe playing a flute (a motif you see in academic drawings over and over again. I have posted another nude ephebe with flute I own in the past). I will photograph them in more detail when they arrive in a few weeks and post the results for you. The first drawing I bought (second below) I bought at a lower price but this one I had estimated its worth as far more. Luckily I was dead-on in my estimation and outbid a very determined European antiques dealer. You sort of get a gut feeling about what the market will bear after seeing hundreds of these auctions. Although the above drawing is not signed, stylistic similarities say they are by the same hand though, perhaps even the same model. The seller has indicated the artist is her great-great grandfather and the drawings come directly from the family, so the provenance is intact.

Alois Kasimir (1852-1930) Young Boy with Flute ...circa 1880
Here is the first unsigned Kasimir drawing I bought a week ago:

Alois Kasimir (1852-1930) Standing Nude Boy .... circa 1880

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