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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Biedermeier Painting (Male Member with Vines) circa 1830

Caution: If you are allergic to the male member, then skip this post!
When I saw this painting listed on eBay Germany this morning my lower jaw hit the floor. The listed price is out of my budget now or I would add it to my collection. It is so playful that I would put it in the center of a wall full of nudes and see if anyone notices it. It would quite thrill me to see the expressions of shock on some familiar faces I know. Afterall, it is a nude, sort of, and it's 19th century, no doubt there, and it's academic in style, quite the product of careful observation by the artist, and at least half of us have one of those in one shape or another, so why not? The ivy would go with most decors. Paintings like this are very rare and seldom come up for sale. Anyway, this is a perfect time to introduce a new term to you: Biedermeier. Biedermeier refers to middle-class sensibilities (I don't think you would see this painting hanging on a sensible wall in the 19th century but it might be found in the back of a closet) of the historical period 1815-1848. Today the term is used to describe artistic styles in literature, music, the visual arts, and interior design from the period of 1815-1848.

Caption: Penis mit Weinlaub (Penis in vines)
Artist: Unknown

Material: Oils on prepared wood panel

Dated: Biedermeier Period (Germany) (1815-1948)

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