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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anonymous 19th Century German Artist: Jugendstil Watercolor - Female Nude

The small female nude watercolor arrived from Germany yesterday. When I took it out the shipping container I was almost positive I had been royally snookered (yes, it has happened before, unfortunately). I was certain the seller in Germany was probably laughing his ass off. I first thought it was a lithograph that had been lifted out of some early 20th century library book, you know the ones before the technique of color printing had been refined which had the color illustrations printed separately then glued onto the pages individually. I turned it up and down, looked at the back mounting, and finally broke out the magnifying glass and suddenly realized that yes, indeed, it is an original watercolor on watercolor paper and it is absolutely amazing in its detail. The artist sure as heck knew what he was doing because it is perfect. To have that much control over a wonderful medium like watercolor just makes me light headed. I scanned it and posted it below. Enjoy.
Caption: Female Nude Standing in a Wooded Scene
Artist: Unknown German Artist, unsigned, Jungendstil in style
Material: Watercolors on paper (18cm x 13cm)
Dated: Undated, circa 1890 - 1900

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