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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall 2011 Auction Season: Works on Paper

The Fall 2011 Auction Season is in full swing with a large number of Academic Nudes listed in various auction catalogs. I have spent the last week pulling out a great number of these offerings for your enjoyment. I will be listing them in the appropriate categories. Here are the various works on paper:
Theodor Krause (1868-1956) Standing Nude Male Youth ...*I managed to buy this drawing during the open Auction in Leipzig, DE. It should be on its way into my collection next week.

Ludwig von Hofmann (1865-1945) Les Baigneurs, vers 1910

Ludwig von Hofmann (1865-1945) Bathers

Ludwig von Hofmann (1865-1945) Study , ca. 1883

Continental School, Sitting Female Youth , 1916

Continental School, late 19th Century

Continental School, late 19th Century

Winfred H. Goodsell (Early 20th Century)

Ludwig Vogel (1788-1879) Nude Studies

H. Venezianisc , 17th Century drawing, Putti

Unsigned Sanguine Drawing ... Continental School ... The Three Graces, after Raphael

Unknown German Artist ... ca 1800 (Above Female Nudes)

Arthur Spence Spear (1879-1959)

Theodor Wagner (1800-1880) Standing Male Nude

Theodor Petter (1822-1872) Male Nudes (Above)

Sylvia Saul (American) Early 20th Century.... Female Nudes (above)

Unknown artist .... Gotterversammlung

Sam Goodsell ... Late 19th Century... Standing Male

Rene Menard (1909)

Remy Vuibert .... Adam & Eve with Serpent, 1635

Peter Janssen (1884-1908) Battle Scene

Otto Rudolf Westphal (1878-1975) Standing Male Nude with Staff

Nicolas Bernard Lepicie (1735-1784) Standing Male Nude

German School, late 18th Century, red chalks

Unknown Artist, German School, late 18th century

K. Schmiders ... Male Nude Studies (above)

Max Liebermann (1847-1935) Boys Bathing

L. van Leyden - Vertreibung Paradies, 1529

Unknown Artist... Female Nude ... Late 19th Century

Franz Kienmayer (1926 ... Zwei Kinder)

Juan Antonio Salvador Carmona (1734-1805) Mannlicher Ruckenakt

Josef Engelhart (1864-1941)

Josef Engelhart (1864-1941)

Jaques Henri Sablet II (1749-1803) Paris

Jan de Bisschop .... Traum des Menschen, 1671

Italian Master (Late 17th Century) Portrait of a Male Youth

Italian Master (17th Century) Male Nude .... Red Chalk

Daniel Hopfer (1470-1536) Das Bacchanal, nach Mantegna

Ludwig von Hofmann (1861-1945) Bathers (Badende)

Hans Kohl (1897-1990) Nude Study, Male Youth

Hans Erni (Swiss, 1909

H. Martini (Late 19th Century)

H. Martini (Late 19th Century)

H. Martini (late 19th Century)

H. Martini (Late 19th Century)

Hendrik Goltzius (1558-1617) Pygmalion, 1593

Friedrich Geselschap (1835-1898) Knabenakt Studies

German School ... Signed Konrad Lith.... 19th Century Male Nude in Crucifixion Pose.

Austrian School (possibly Vienna School of Fine Arts) ... Standing Male Nude .. late 19th Century

German School .... Standing Male Nude ... (late 19th Century)

German School - Male Nude ... Late 19th Century

German School ... Male Nude Study (early 20th Century)

German School .... Male Nude (early 20th century)

G.A Magliolo .... Cupido ... 1508

Francesco Zuccarelli (1702-1788) Standing Male

Four Male Figure Studies (American, early 20th Century)

Felician Rops .... Satyr

Edward Burne-Jones .... Standing Nude

Eduard Daege ... Pencil portrait of a Female Nude

E. Siegler ..... Erotic Male Nude

Duncan Grant (1885-1978) Paul Reclining

Crispijn de Passe (1564-1637) North Wind

Virgilio Constantini (1882-1940) Bathing in Sunlight

Claude Gillot (1673-1722) Der Sundenfall

Benton Spruance (1932-1967) Introduction to Love (Lithograph)

Alois Martin Stadler (1792-1841) Sitting Male Nude

Paliwoda Ambrozi (1909-1999) The Three Fates (Above three illustrations)

Heinrich Aldegrever (1502-1562) Paramus & Thisbe

Albrecht Durer ... Kleine Passion

Albert Paul Louis Besnard (1849-1934) Eva

Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651) Nude Studies

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