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Sunday, October 2, 2011

P. Leuschner (?) German Artist - Bronze Card Holder - Nude Boy on Lilypad - H. Behrnd Foundry, Dresden -ca. 1900

The Jungendstil utilitarian bronze card holder dating from circa 1900 arrived last week. I almost had to drive myself to the emergency room when I spotted the box sitting on a fence post down at the gate. The stupid postal carrier was too lazy to drive it down to the house and just left it out by the road, which I can't even see from the house. No wonder the US Postal Service is bankrupt. Anyway, it is a beautiful little Symbolist bronze and quite unique. I photographed it from several different angles and posted the photographs below. It appears to have been dropped at one time in its life, thus the breaks in the arms. I have found a bronze restoration specialist who specializes in small bronze repair and I will get an estimate on restoration.

Caption: Nude Boy Resting On A Lilypad Playing With A Slug

Artist: P. Leuschner (?) (Unknown German Artist)

Material: Cast Bronze

Dated: Undated, ca. 1900

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