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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recent Lots in the Hungarian Auction Scene

I had a chance to take a look at some of the recent auction offerings in the Hungarian art market and pulled out a number that I thought were worthy of posting. That third posting down brings back some fond memories of the painting studio. I really like the way the artist has handled the studio atmosphere in the background. You can almost smell the turpentine, although now days you won't find turpentine in use in the modern classroom, but I remember it from years ago. Enjoy.

Bertalan Szekely (1835-1910) Study for "The Source"

18th century Italian School... Young St. John

Izsak Perlmutter (1866-1932) Studio Model

Laslo Mednayanszky (1852-1919) Semi-nude Boy in profile .. ca. 1900

Italian School .. 17th century .. Herckules es Omphale

Lajos-Riado Bosko ... untitled

Joseph D'Aste (1905-1935) Faun with goat

Erdelyi Ferenc (1901-1959) Irgalmassag 1928

D. Fachinetti ... Classical figure

Karoly Ferenczy (1862-1917) .. Festo es modellek

Gargiulo es Cannone (1880-?) Curbing the bull

Izsak Perlmutter (1866-1932) Male Nude Study

Jeges Jelzessel ... Young Male Nude

Kadar Geza (1878-1952) Artist at Work

Lotz Karoly (1833-1904) The Three Graces

Manno Miltiades Birkozok . 1920

Medgyessy Ferenc (1881-1958) The Little Rider

Nandor Viday Brenner (1903-?) Miner

Pergola Romolo (1890-1960) Female Nudes ... 1933

Remenyi Jozsef (1887-1951) Tancolok ... 1911

Rona Jozsef (1861-1939) Faun ...1927

Szalay Antal (1900-?) Love

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