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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Josue Dupon (1864-1935): Bronze Medal "L'Effort"... circa 1930

The artist in his studio..


This morning I bought this nice example of Josue Dupon's beautiful medal titled "L'Effort." I do not have an example of medalic art in my collection and it was affordably priced. I was captivated by that beautifully posed Art Deco nude. Josue Dupon (1864-1935) studied at Roselare and the Antwerp Academy. He was a close friend of Jules Lagae and Rembrandt Bugatti. He is best known for his monumental bronze sculptures at the Antwerp Zoo. During his career he designed about sixty medals. He took the Gold medal at the 1871 Antwerp Salon for his sculpture in plaster titled "Sampson en de Leeuw."



Here are a few illustrations of his other works and additional examples of "L'Effort"..


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