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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Heinrich Carl Baucke (1875-1915): Barbarian Victor .... The Victorious Boxer (Der Sieger) after 1897

Heinrich Carl Baucke - Barbarian Victor (After 1897)...... (This example is in the Los Angeles County Art Museum European Painting and Sculpture collection)(37 3/8 in. by 12 11/16 in)

The Victorious Boxer (Die Sieger)


I just located a medium sized (40cm - 15.75 inch.. 45.5cm with base) edition of Baucke's "The Victorious Boxer" also known as "Barbarian Victor" (edition after 1897....most probably 1905) and have begun negotiations with a German seller to buy it. I have been searching all over the place for an example of that bronze and finally found it for a reasonable price.


Good news! The seller and I worked out the price and the bronze will be on its way into my collection. The larger versions come up at auction on occasion but they are usually in the much higher price range. I was sitting here a couple of weeks ago searching the Internet gallery sites looking for an example of that beautiful bronze and all of a sudden this one popped up yesterday. I must be living right. I noticed last night that the world did not end as predicted. We all must be living right. It also pays to be persistent when you are looking for a specific artwork and not get discouraged. Here are the pictures of the beauty below:
Today (May 24, 2011), I was doing an Internet search on Heinrich Baucke and I found an example of this bronze in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, although, with a completely different title. Also the date of creation (originally thought to be 1910) is listed by the Museum as "after 1897." The title of the bronze in the Museum's European Painting and Sculpture Collection is: "Barbarian Victor." Additional examples of the same bronze sold at auction list the title as: "Victorious Boxer." We have a conundrum. I have made the appropriate corrections above.

This morning (May 25, 2011) I found some additional biographic information on this well listed German Artist/sculptor: From 1891 to 1900 he studied at the Art Academy under Sculptor Karl Janssen. His first success was this particular bronze (Winner in a Fist Fight), which is now in the collection of the Kunsthalle Dusseldorf and in the National Gallery in Berlin. After his training, he settled in Dusseldorf as a professional sculptor and was very active in the local "Association of Academic Sculptors" who displayed their works in the Rhenish Berlin Sculpture Competition. In 1903 he moved to Berlin, where he received commissions from the Kaiser Wilhelm II court, including a statue of Wilhelm III which is displayed in the garden Terrace of the Berlin Palace.

Caption: Der Sieger (The Victorious Boxer)(The Winner)(Barbarien Victor)

Artist: Heinrich Carl Baucke (1875-1915)

Material: Bronze Casting

Dated: circa 1905

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