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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eduard Veith (1856-1925): Study for the Fountain of Youth - Am Jungbrunnen , circa 1900

Portrain of Eduard Veith

Sellers on eBay Austria keep hitting the ball out of the ballpark with their offerings. Five minutes on the site brought up this beautiful watercolor by Eduard Veith (1856-1925). The drawing is a preliminary study for a later painting titled: "The Fountain of Youth." Veith studied under Ferdinand Laufberger (1829-1881) at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts. He received further training in Paris and took extensive study trips to Italy, Belgium, and Tunisia. He specialized in plafond (French: ceiling paintings) and frescoes with mythological and historical subject matters. His beautiful works are found in various public buildings in Vienna and Prague.


Caption: Am Jungbrunnen (At the Fountain of Youth)

Artist: Eduard Veith (1856-1925)

Material: Pencil sketch and watercolor on paper
Dated: circa 1900


Here are just a few examples of Veith's mature works:


Playing Putti

Young Beauty and the Fortune Teller

Two Female Nudes

Tobias and the Angel

The Fountain of Youth

Children at Play

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