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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fritz Douzette (1878-1955): Pencil drawing, Nude Boy, After Prof. Georg Sturm (1855-1923) Allegory of the Hunt

I was browsing an eBay seller's listings in Germany yesterday and I ran across a small drawing of a nude boy that on first appearance appeared to be a preliminary study for a larger work. The seller indicated the drawing was from the estate of Fritz Douzette (1878-1955) and attributed the drawing to him solely upon the "Nachlass Fritz Douzette" stamp on the back of the drawing, but I immediately recognized the subject as coming from a series of allegorical murals done by Professor Georg Sturm (1855-1923). It is not really clear whether Douzette copied the figure from a print (first illustration below and above) or if the drawing was a study by Sturm himself and just part of Douzette's estate collection. Without that key signature on the drawing, we may never know. Anyway, the small pencil drawing is a nice academic study, perhaps created for nothing but the sheer admiration of the original.
Dr. Georg Sturm (1855-1923) Allegory of the Hunt

Fritz Douzette (1878-1955) Nude Boy, after Allegory of the Hunt, from the estate of the artist.

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