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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peter Trumm (Jean-Pierre Joseph Trumm)(1888-1966) Woodcut with Nude Figures - 1910

Several weeks ago I introduced you to the artist Peter Trumm (1888-1966). Trumm studied at the Academies of Karlsruhe and Munich. I managed to buy an original woodcut by the artist on eBay Germany last week and it arrived today. It was a bargain price wise, even considering the shipping was three times the cost of the print. I am a bit mystified, however, by the subject matter but it is, to say the least, interesting. I am not sure what is going on, most probably a scene from mythology. I scanned it and stitched the two parts together. Enjoy.
Caption: Nude figures in Landscape
Artist: Peter Trumm (1888-1966)
Materials: Woodcut on thin Japan paper
Dated: Signed, circa 1910

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