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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hermann Volkerling (1875-1924):Standing Male Nude With Orb (Adam With His Apple?)


Portrait of Hermann Volkerling (above)


Last night at auction I bought an academic male nude by Hermann Volkerling (1875-1924). The figure is depicted from behind holding what the seller described as "an orb." Knowing what I do about the 19th century Art Academy I suspect that orb is an apple and the figure is a representation of the Biblical "Adam." That's just my opinion and not gospel delivered from above or below. I was unable to dig up much biographical information on Volkerling (don't forget the umlaut on the o) other than he was a painter, studied at the Academie in Wroclaw in the late 19th century, and under Carl Marr in Munich. I will probably send this one down to the conservation lab and have the damage to the varnish repaired and restored.


Caption: Standing Male Nude with Orb (possibly depiction of Adam)

Artist: Hermann Volkerling (1875-1924)

Material: Oils on 19th century Artist Board

Dated: circa. 1900


Here is another example of Volkerling's works:


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