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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lithograph from the Paris Salon of 1840 after a statue by Pierre-Charles Simart (1806-1857)


Pierre-Charles Simart (1806-1857) "Oreste refugie a l'autel de Pallas"


Addendum: I did a little more research on the original sculpture and found several illustrations of the sculpture which is now in the Musee des Beaux-Arts du Roven in France (see illustrations above).


I found this nice lithograph at auction this morning. The illustration has been converted to grey scale (above) to see the printing better, and in it's original listed form below. It is, I believe, from my translation of the French, a copy of a drawing by Flandrin after a statue of SIMART. The "Simart" in question is Pierre-Charles Simart (1806-1857), a famous French sculptor who probably executed the subject matter of this lithograph in marble. Simart was elected a member of the Academe of Beaux-arts in 1852. Still, a beautifully executed work.

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