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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Academic Engravings from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts: Male Nudes (1880-1914)

While I was doing research on Arthur Mayeur (1871-1934)(Prior Posting) I ran across a website


which was loaded with academic nudes. I was interested in the works of Mayeur (included in the prior post and below) but was amazed at the fine details in all of the works of students in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. They date from the 1880 to 1914 time period. Each in its own is a masterpiece example of 19th century technique. You have to remind yourself that these are not graphite on paper works but are in fact intaglio prints (engravings). Simply amazing.


Barbotin, William ou Joseph - Academie

Barbotin, William ou Joseph - Academie.

Brusiere, Louis-Joseph-Arthur - Academie. 1894.

Buisset, Gustave-Justin-Victor-Joseph -Academie. 1908.

Serres, Raoul-Jean-Gustave - Academie.1904

Germain, Charles-Laurent - Academie.1894

Guillez, Arthur-Edmond.Engarving. 1912

Lavalley, Georges-Henri - Academie.1890

Mayeur, Arthur-Constant-Jules - Academie. 1894

Mazelin, Charles-Firmin - Academie.1906.

Mazelin, Charles-Firmin - Academie.1908

Sulpis, Emile-Jean - Academie

Patricot, Auguste-Francois-Jean - Academie. 1884

Penat, Eloi-Lucien - Academie.1894.

Piel, Jules - Academie. 1908.

                                                            Piel, Jules - Academie. 1910

Piel, Jules - Academie. 1910

Serres, Raoul-Jean-Gustave - Academie.1904.

Serres, Raoul-Jean-Gustave - Academie.1906

Mignon, Justin-Abel-Francois- Academie. 1884.

Sulpis, Emile-Jean - Academie.

Buthaud, Auguste-Léon-Etienne-André.Engarving. 1914.

Godard, René-Jules - Academie. 1910

Manchon, Raphaël-Exupère-Armand-Adolphe.Engarving. 1914

Maillart, Diomède-André - Male nude.

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