The Passion of Collecting Academic Nudes

Join me as we explore my collection of Academic Nudes from the 18th, 19th, and Early 20th Centuries and serendipitous finds in the Museum, Art Auction, and Gallery world......examples from the Golden Age of the European Academie

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Auction and Gallery Finds: March 3, 2011

The European auction sites this week have a few new listings of figurative works that I have culled out for posting. There are a few crayon-manner prints from the 18th century, which surprisingly continue to command some exceptional pricing. I found a few ex libris prints from the early 20th century. Although usually small, comparatively, these types of prints are popular with many collectors, especially erotic prints. I have a book with hundreds of erotic ex libris prints illustrated, executed mostly by Hungarian artists. They were usually done for a specific customer by the artist in limited runs, thus their popularity and individual scarceness. It doesn't look like European prices have come down any from several months ago, so be prepared to part with some cash for works and the shipping charges.

(Above) This is actually an original red chalk drawing from the 18th century. Compare it to the chalk manner prints listed below in the rest of the post. I think if I had to reproduce this drawing on an etching plate I would have permanently crossed eyes. I wouldn't be able to see straight for a year, not to mention having a colossal headache.

Karl Blossfield (1865-1932) (above)

Paul Ludwig Kowalczews (1865-1910)

Paul Wilhelm Poetzsch (1884-1938) Das Weinopfer , ca. 1900

Simon Thomassin (1655-1733)

Viktor Schivert (1863-1929), Sehnsucht (Longing) 1900-1925

Francis LaMonaca (1882-1926) Young Boy with Bee

Ferdinand Lepche (1882-1926) The Kiss .... 1890

French School ... ca. late 19th century

Italian School ... 19th century

Elie Cazes (?) Drawing from the Antique.. ca. 1890

D. Felsing (?) ...