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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Review: Germaine Greer - The Beautiful Boy

(US Edition)
(UK Edition)

(German Edition)

I wanted to get this book review posted because in coming posts we will explore the subject matter of "the Nude Boy" in more detail. Until then I would like to introduce you to Germaine Greer's book. She tackles the subject matter from a somewhat different perspective (from the feminine outlook) and caught heck for it when the book appeared in print. She explores the many ways one can look at the beauty of the young male figure in art, as boy-toy, virgin soldier, naked martyr, winged genius, angel, seducer, narcissist, and invites the reader to appreciate boys in all their sensuality, spontaneity, and vulnerability. I know I have seen German editions of the book so it should also be available in languages other than English. Highly recommended for your art library. -------------------------------------------- Here are just a few of the many illustrations of artworks in the book: *** Giovanni Batista Caracciolo (1578-1635) .... Sleeping Cupid

Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825) The Death of Joseph Barra , 1794

Johann Zoffany (1733-1810) Self-Portrait as David with the Head of Goliath, 1756

Louis-Leopold Boilly (1761-1845) Young Artists in the Studio, 1820

Ludovico Carracci (1555-1619) Sleeping Nude Boy


Title: The Beautiful Boy

Author: Germaine Greer

Publisher: Rizzoli, New York, 2003 (First published in the UK as The Boy

ISBN: 0-8478-2586-8

March/April 2011 Auction Finds: Works on Paper

The European Auction Sites and Auction Houses are loaded with some very beautiful nude figurative works. I have culled through the mass amount of artworks listed on line and posted the results here for you. A few of them are not nudes but the artistic hand that created them are so technically proficient that I just had to post them along with the nudes. Enjoy. --------------------------------------------- Male Nude, German School, late 19th Century
Wilhelm Voltz (1855-1901) Seejungfrau

Walter Trautschold (1902-1969) Akt

Versailles Statue, Nu L'Hermaphrodite - 17th Century Print

Versailles Statue, Nu Hercule, 17th Century Print

Versailles Statue. Nu Hercule, 17th Century Print

Unknown German Artist, Sitting Male Nude

Totenschadel, Circa 1880

German School, Unknown Artist.

Spielende Putti, Kupfer, um 1650

Willi Sitte (1921) Untitled.

Michel Simonidy (1870-1933) Female Nude

Carl Schwalbach (1885-1983) Mappenwerk 1913

Paul Shad-Rossa ... Nude Studies (Above)

Raymond La Fage (1656-1684) Bacchus

Prof. Johannes Grutzke ..... 1937.. Allegory of the Artist

Prof. Alexander Murray, 1920, Female Nude

Pferd-Kind-titel blatt aus Munchner, Jugend 1906

Paul Shad-Rosa.. Male Nude

Pastellkredezeich nung nach Carle van Loo (1705-1765) wohl Umkreis Gilles Demarteau

Otto Quante (1875-1947) Female Nude

Otto Greiner (1869-1916) Ex Libris

Otto echmann (1865-1902) Badenweiler, Wenn der Fruhling kommt

Male Nude, Atelier Roqueplan 1844, Alfred Stevens (1823-1906)

Mythological Figures

Monogrammist "CL" .... Black Crayon, Female Nude Playing Flute

Max Liebermann (1847-1935) Jeunes hommes au bord de la mer

Max Klinger, Female Nude

Max Klinger, Sysiphus... 1914

Max Klein (1847-1908) .. Sitting Male Nude, 1885

Male Nude, signed Fritzsche, ca. 1890

Mannlicher Akt mit Tuch

Manfred Henninger ... Bathing Male Nudes

Mariette Lydis (1887-1970) Admiration

Ludwig Deutsch (1855-1935) Study for larger Orientilist

Standing Male Nude, signed Korke... Ca. 1892

Hermann Katelhon (1884-1940) Miner

Karl Stauffer (1857-1891) Liegender Mannlicher Akt

Josephine Ducollett (?) Male Nude

Josephine Ducollett (?) Male Nude, after the antique

Joseph Fisher (?) Mythological Scene, 1865

Jan de Bisschop (?) Mannliche Akt

Italian Master, 17th Century Italian School, Sebastien

Hugo Hoppener (1868-1947) Konigstraum

19th Century German School, Religious scene

Hermann Tiebert (1895-1978) Eissiedler

Hans Thoma (1839-1924) Triton pair in light of the setting sun

Hans Collaert (1566-1628) nach Heidrik Goltzius (1558-1617) St. John the Baptist

Franz Grassel (1861-1948) Sitting Nude Male Youth

Gilles Demarteau (1722-1760) Crayon Manner Print

Georg Kolbe (?) Nude Male Youth

Georg Gelbke (1882-1947) Tanzfigur

Georg erler (1871-1951) ca. 1908

Francois de Poilly (1622-1693) Bain de Nymphes

Salomon Gessner (?) Faunes, Satyr (1767)

F. Kogelmann (?) Standing Male Nude

Unknown, expulsion from Paradise

Edwin Scharff (1877-1955) Liebespaar

Italian School, Ca. 1800

Italian School, Centaures

Unknown Artist, Male Nude

Dora Hitz (1856-1924) Nude Boy

Unknown artist, Virgin and Nude Christ Child

Unknown artist, Male Nude

Unknown artist, Standing Male Nude

Cecilia Melanie Beresford (1865-1885) French marine

Carl V. Blaas (1815-1894) Male Nude Study

Camille Henri Bouche-Lecler (1878-1946)

Bruno Heroux (1868-1944) Huckepack

August Becker (1878-1942)

Anne Claude Philippe comte de Caylus (1692-1765) La Mort d'Adonis

Antonie Watteau (?) Female Nude

Anne Claude Philippe comte de Caylus (1692-1765) La Mort d'Adonis

Andreas Bach (1881-1963) Study for Christ on the Cross

Hand Study, Italian School

Alexandre Bida (1813-1895) Portrait du Primatice

Academic Study signed Weigand 1850

Adam and Eve discover the body of Abel

1840, Unknown artist, study of Male Youths

1830. after the Antique