The Passion of Collecting Academic Nudes

Join me as we explore my collection of Academic Nudes from the 18th, 19th, and Early 20th Centuries and serendipitous finds in the Museum, Art Auction, and Gallery world......examples from the Golden Age of the European Academie

Thursday, September 1, 2011

End of Summer European Auction House Offerings

The European Auction Houses are gearing up their late summer auction sales and I had some time yesterday to browse them for current works. Some are non-nudes but worthy of posting. Enjoy.
Eduard Baudrexel (1890-1968) Am Seeufer badende Knaben

O. Szuhanek - Mannlicher Ruckenakt (undated)

R. Kobel (unknown German Painter) Mannlicher Akt in hugelinger Birkenlandschaft

(?) Ahlers - Female Nude, ca. 1920

Arthur Kampf (1864-1950) Der himmlische Begleiter

Authur Volkmann (1851-1941) Rastender Pan mit Ziegen

Bruno Heroux (1868-1944) Ex Libris Gustav Drobner

Flemish master - 17th Century : Isaak erteilt Jaskob den Segen

Forsu Elza Druja (?) Female Nude

Franz Muller (1867-1936) Hohenwiese

German Master, Middle 18th Century - Vanitas - Darstellung mit Amor

Hans Juchser - Paula nach dem Bade , ca. 1920

Hans Maulwulf - Nach dem bade - Female Nude

Hein Steiauf (1909-1968) Slaughter of the Innocents

Heinrich Landgrebe - The Holy Hiernymus

Italian Master, ca. 1600 - Tod eines Kriegers

Jean Joseph enders (1862-1936) Young Boy

M.P.W. Schidrowitz (?) Untitled, ca. 1900

18th Century Painter - Herkules defreit Prometheus

Hans Maulwuf (1878-1936) Akademie

Max Koch (1859-1930) Akt im Schilf

Italic After the Bath

Max Pietschmann (above two entries) (1865-1952) Untitled Study

19th Century Munich School (ca. 1900) Sitting Female Nude

Monogrammist "CRS" - Young Male Nude

16th Century North Italian Master - Madonna and Christ Child

Unknown Artist - Female Nude in landscape

R. Bouche (?) Sitting Female Nude

Unknown Graphic Artist, ca. 1920... Madchenakt mit kleinem Hund

Michaelangelo Buonarrote (attrib.) 1535 ... Oil and tempera on wood

Franz von Defregger (1835-1921) Young Man Looking Left

Max von Pooch (1872-1968) Portrait of a Young Man

Nathanael Schmitt (1847-1918) Roman Shepherd Boy

Thomas Richard (Tom) von Dreger (1868-1948) Portrait of a Young Lady

Unknown Artist - Late 19th Century - Pandora

Unknown 19th Century European School -- Portrait of a Youth

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Georg Rank (1855-1938) Academic Nude Studies on Paper and Canvas/ Genre Portraits

This morning I found a large series of works by the Austrian Symbolist and Genre Painter Georg Rank (1855-1938) listed on eBay Austria. Rank worked for many years in Baden near Vienna, Austria. He worked as an established painter with his own studio near Gustav Klimt and Anton Hanak for many years. He created works in oils, watercolors, pencil, charcoal, and was known for some of his graphic designs. His favorite subject matter was portraits, nudes, and genre landscapes. Most of the works on canvas listed are a bit pricey but the drawings, seen by me as mostly quick sketches rather than refined drawings, are somewhat overpriced. The works listed below are all from the later 19th and early 20th centuries.
Portrait mannlicherAkt Rucken (1903)

Entwurf fur das Wiener Parlament (circa 1900 - 1910)

Weiblicher Akt Brustbild (1904)

3 Grazien mythologische Szene (Mischtechnik)(undated)

Seitlich stehender mannlicher Akt (Aquarell/Paper) (1903)

Studie zweier mannlicher Akte (1902)

Weiblicher Akt mit gelbem Tuch (1902)

Standing Male Nude (undated)

Weiblicher Akt Ruckenansicht (1904)

Study, Female Nude (undated)

Standing Male Nude (undated)

Standing Male Nude (undated)

Two Sitting Male Nudes (1902)

Reclining Female Nude (1904)

Sitting Female Nude (undated)

Female Nude (undated)

Studie mannlicher Akt Wurfposition (undated)

Standing Male Nude with Staff (undated)

Studie mannlicher Akt (undated)

Studie weiblicher Akt (Mischtechnik) (undated)

Standing Female Nude (1904)

Standing Female Nude (undated)

Nacherin im Garten (Pastell) (1899)

Portrait einer sitzenden alten Frau (1902)

Portrait eines Mannes mit Bart (undated)

Portrait eines Madchens (1910)

Portrait eines Mannes mit Bart (1886)

Portrait einer Dame in schwarzem Klied (undated)

Portrait einer jungen Frau in Tracht (1906)

Portrait einer jungen Frau mit Tambourin (undated)

Portrait eines Madchens weisse Bluse (undated)