The Passion of Collecting Academic Nudes

Join me as we explore my collection of Academic Nudes from the 18th, 19th, and Early 20th Centuries and serendipitous finds in the Museum, Art Auction, and Gallery world......examples from the Golden Age of the European Academie

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anton Endsdorfer (1880-1960): Cupid - Nude Boy Holding a Bow

Yesterday I was putting a large book on 19th Century bronzes on the bookshelf and almost knocked this little bronze off the shelf. I had completely forgotton he was around. He has a little damage to his bow but otherwise he has a beautiful patina. I have tried to find biographical information on the artist, Austrian artist Anton Endsdorfer (Endstorfer), without much success. There are examples of his other works and I have listed them below.

Caption: Cupid (Nude Boy Holding a Bow)

Artist: Anton Endsdorfer (Endstorfer) (1880-1960)

Material: Cast Bronze

Dated: Undated (1920-1930)


Here are a few examples of his other bronze works:


Friday, December 16, 2011

(?) Neeb: Young Faun .. 1904

Here is the second small bronze that arrived yesterday. I have not been able to find any biographical information on the artist however. The bronze is signed "Neeb" and dated 1904. That is the extent of the information I can find on the artist. Stylistically, this bronze is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the "David with the head of Goliath" bronze. The young faun depicted seems to be somewhat stylized and more feminized. That's not a bad thing, it is just an observation. This bronze seems to be a bit more beat up but after a good wax and polish seems to clean up pretty well. I am not sure what causes that pose he is in, perhaps there is a bee in his tail. There seems to be a place on the top of the tail that once held a small insect. He seems to be surprised by something back there though. My guess is that his right hand on that extended right arm once held a flower and a bee was once caught in his tail. I have seen that motif in other bronzes of nude fauns. I love the little horns on his forehead and that little goat hangy thing on his neck (I think it is called a tassel). What ever has his attention has caused him to drop his pan flute, which lies at his feet. The patina on this bronze is a cross between a dark brown interspersed with a Verde Gris color.

Caption: Nude Faun

Artist: (?) Neeb

Material: Cast Bronze

Dated: 1904

Hans Muller (1873-1937): David with the head of Goliath - Bronze, ca. 1900-1910



The two small bronzes I bought last month arrived from the auction house in Germany today. I will start with Hans Muller's "David with the head of Goliath." The casting is surprisingly crisp and detailed for such a small bronze. I cleaned it up and applied a coat of wax yesterday and it really is impressive. There is a small amount of wear and tear but nothing which would detract from the overall effect. Instead of the usual muscular figure you so often see of David (see the bronze depiction above), Muller has chosen to depict his David as a slim youth, slight of muscular build, and almost frail in stature. You have to wonder if that boy was even capable of picking up that massive sword, much less rendering Goliath headless with it. Muller has chosen to represent his version of the paradign of victory over adversity as a skinny, long of limb, post-pubescent boy, clothed only in a leather strap that almost, but not entirely, covers his manhood. The artist has been careful to include an outline of his manhood behind that leather strap to reassure you of his budding gender. His eyes are cast down at his handy work and that contraposito-like pose reinforces his powerful victory stance.


Caption: David with the head of Goliath

Artist: Hans Muller (1873-1937)

Material: Cast Bronze

Dated: ca. 1900-1910

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

European eBay Auction Offerings: December 2011

Here are a few items culled from the various European eBay sites:
Gino von Finetti (1877-1955) David and Goliath

F. Preiss (?) Sitting Male Youth

Rudolf Yelin der Altere (1864-1940) Bathing Maidens

Renee Sintinis (1888-1965) Jungling mit Pferd (Nude Youth with Colt)

Oskar Larsen (1882-1972) Hyade

Oskar Larsen (1882-1972) Vor dem Bade - 1931

Franz Amann ... The Mermaid

Francois Jouffroy (1806-1882) The Secret

Margot Werner-Galow (1902-1984) Male Nude

Karl Spandau ... Study Sketch from a sketchbook. 1907