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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gottlob Wilhelm (1867 - 1925) Male Nude - Watercolor

Caption: Mannlicher Akt auf Postament gestutzt
Artist: Gottlob Wilhelm (1867 - Munchen 1925)
Medium: Aquarell - watercolor on paper
Dated: 1892

This is one of several watercolors (aquarelles) of academic nudes I have in my collection. It is signed and dated "Wilhelm 1892". It is probably one of the finest academic watercolors I have ever seen. For any of you who have ever tried your hand at watercolor you probably know the one word that always comes to mind when you think of watercolor: "unforgiving." Having used drawing materials and oils to do academic nudes myself, I would be dearth to try my hand at watercolor. Oil paints and charcoal can be chased all over the canvas and ragged out, but once that watercolor hits the paper it's down for the count for all intents and purposes. Watercolor requires a certain technical mastery of the medium or else you wind up with mud on your hands. I do not have much biographic information on the artist other than his name, and places of birth and death (Munich). The drawing and execution of the watercolor itself is superb. This little work is truly by the hand of a master.

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