The Passion of Collecting Academic Nudes

Join me as we explore my collection of Academic Nudes from the 18th, 19th, and Early 20th Centuries and serendipitous finds in the Museum, Art Auction, and Gallery world......examples from the Golden Age of the European Academie

Thursday, July 8, 2010

William-Adolphe Bouguereau's L'Admiration

Portrait of William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825 - 1905) at his easel.

I am taking another short respite from photographing and scanning works in my collection to post photographs that I ran across this evening of Bouguereau's L'Admiration that I took on my last visit to the San Antonio Museum of Art. I started this journey at that museum and was inspired by this work. I am a great admirer of Bouguereau's works I guess because of the technical mastery of the medium the man possessed. Some think his works are sappy and way too over the top romantic but I really admire the technical aspects of his artistry.

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